Bonding and White Fillings

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Fillings are most people's introduction to restorative dentistry. When a filling is placed, the decayed part of a tooth (a "cavity") is removed and replaced with a filling material. The vast majority of our fillings are done with tooth-colored composite, which is a combination of microscopic quartz particles embedded in a resin matrix. The tooth is prepared and cleaned, and the filling material placed, contoured and bonded in using an adhesive. An LED light is used to initiate a reaction in the composite which permanently hardens it and bonds it to the tooth. It is important to keep a tooth dry while placing a composite filling, so a variety of methods may be used to isolate the tooth.

Bonding can also used cosmetically to enhance and improve your smile. Composite materials can be used to cover stains and discoloration, repair chipped areas, and close gaps between teeth.

Advancements in dental materials have allowed composite fillings to be strong, stable, and beautiful way to restore and enhance teeth.

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