What is a crown?

A crown covers most or all of the part of the tooth which you can see in your mouth, replicating the structure of your tooth's enamel. Most crowns we place are made entirely of ceramics which emulate the appearance and function of tooth enamel. Ceramic crown materials continue to see advances in strength and esthetics. Occasionally, crowns made of metal or combination of metal and ceramics are indicated for certain situations.

How is a crown placed?

To place a crown on a tooth, you will first be anesthetized. The tooth will be re-contoured to make room for a crown to fit over it. Any decayed or broken parts of your tooth may be replaced with a "buildup" to give a strong base for the crown to attach to. An impression of your teeth will be taken which the lab will use to make a precision-fit, custom-made crown. We will make you a tooth-colored temporary crown which will allow you to smile and function normally while your custom crown is fabricated. When you return for your crown seating in about 2 weeks, the temporary crown will be removed and the tooth will be cleaned. The crown will be verified for fit and cemented permanently in place.

How do I care for my temporary crown?

Your temporary crown requires a little extra care. It is made to come off fairly easily at the appointment to cement your permanent crown. Avoid hard or sticky foods which could dislodge or fracture your temporary. When flossing, floss down through the contact but pull the floss through instead of back up. We spend time to make you a nice temporary, but it won't be quite as smooth or high-precision as your ceramic lab-made crown. Careful brushing around the crown will keep plaque from accumulating around the edges, keeping your gums healthy and making it easy to seat the permanent crown.

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