Crown Lengthening

Broken, damaged teeth affect the way your smile looks. Our dental restorations not only strengthen your teeth and protect them from further damage, but they also help create a more even, complete smile. Unfortunately, some patients can’t accept a restoration because they do not have enough healthy enamel above the gumline to stabilize the restoration. If you’re in need of a dental restoration to repair your smile’s appearance and functionality, crown lengthening may be right for you. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that exposes more of your enamel, creating an appropriate foundation for certain dental restorations, like dental crowns. Many patients combine crown lengthening with other recontouring procedures to get an even smile that looks fabulous. While this is a surgical procedure, Dr. Freyer and his assistants will always keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment. You deserve a smile that’s perfect, and we’ve got the services to help you achieve it. Don’t write off getting a restoration because you think your teeth are too broken. We’re happy to discuss crown lengthening as an option!