About our Practice - Freyer Dental - Omaha

Hometown Omaha Dental Office

Helping the Whole Community Smile

Our office is only four miles away from the neighborhood Dr. Freyer calls home. He is your hometown dentist who truly cares about the community! Dr. Freyer gives back to his community, from volunteering with Boy Scouts and the wrestling team to providing quality dental care through the Mission of Mercy dentistry charity. His commitment to his community is reflected in the level of attention and genuine care he shows each patient that comes through the door.

At Freyer Dental, it’s our commitment to individualized, personal care for every patient.

Personalized Dentistry for Unique Smiles

Our team is small but mighty; Dr. Freyer and his two assistants are passionate about dentistry and have a genuine desire to improve their patients’ oral health. When you’re in our office, you’re our main priority. Dr. Freyer understands the value of your time, and he strives to see every patient on time. What sets us apart is the care, dedication, and compassion that our team shows toward our patients, as Dr. Freyer truly listens to your concerns and goals for your smile. We’ll take whatever time is necessary to get you the smile you’ve always wanted, and we’re happy to be by your side each step of the way.

Our office is a relaxed atmosphere where you can receive the dental care you deserve in an environment where you feel respected and valued. We understand that your smile is all your own, and no one else has the same needs. Dr. Freyer delivers one-on-one care that’s ideal for your individual needs. Even though we have a wide range of dental services, we tailor our treatments to suit your unique smile.

Family Dentistry that Focuses on the Future

Freyer Dental is a family-friendly dental office. A positive experience at the dentist not only transforms your smile but paves the way for a lifetime of great oral health. We understand the importance of making not only our adult patients enjoy the dentist, but also their children. We treat every patient like family, and we love to see our family smile.

We’re happy to be the family dentist in Omaha who is serving our whole community.

Dr. Freyer is your hometown dentist! Learn more in his bio!