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Omaha’s Key to Dental Health and Hygiene

General Dentistry in Omaha is the best way to keep your smile looking and feeling great. At Freyer Dental, we elevate your dental hygiene routine, provide preventative screenings, and protect your smile. You deserve a smile that’s healthy, from teeth to gums, and we’re here to deliver it. Our general dentistry ensures your smile is built to last and equips you with all the tools you need to keep your smile sparkling for years to come.

Advanced General Dentistry Techniques for Everyone

Whether you visit the dentist regularly, or it’s been a long time since anyone looked in your mouth, our general dentistry can suit every patient. No matter what state your smile is currently in, you know you’re getting the best care possible with Freyer Dental. Our team is compassionate and caring, and you’ll never have to feel embarrassed or worried about the state of your oral health. Instead, you’ll feel empowered to take an active role in your dental care, and we’ll grant you all the information you need to make an educated choice about your treatment.

Building a Future of Excellent Oral Health

General Dentistry in Omaha is the first step in achieving a lifetime of great oral health. We evaluate your current oral health and identify any areas of concern. By taking a preventive approach to dental care, we stop potential problems in their path. With fluoride treatments to ward off decay, and mouthguards to prevent grinding and wear, we seek to prevent problems rather than treat them. With our fully comprehensive exams, we can identify potential concerns and address them, instead of waiting for them to become full-blown dental problems. Through our exams, we’re able to track your oral health and note any changes we see.

Dental hygiene is an important part of our general dentistry, as a great routine is essential to keeping your smile healthy. We’re happy to review your current hygiene routine and suggest adjustments as necessary. A brilliant smile starts at Freyer Dental in Omaha.

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Comprehensive Exams

The first step to a healthy, beautiful smile is getting an examination from the dentist. At Freyer Dental, our patient exams are truly comprehensive. In order to effectively get you the best smile possible, we need to know exactly where your oral health is currently. All new patients receive a comprehensive exam at their first visit, and children also receive a thorough, complete exam. Including oral cancer screenings, digital x-rays, periodontal review, jaw analysis, and radiographs. Dr. Freyer performs every exam himself, and his attention to detail helps formulate a treatment plan that’s suited exactly for you. Our comprehensive exams help us to determine exactly where your smile is and where you want it to go. Through these exams, we can identify areas of concern and determine the most conservative intervention, so these minor issues don’t become a larger, complicated issue. Dr. Freyer is gentle and non-judgmental, so you never have to worry about the state of your oral health. We’ll help you transform your smile!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer presents as a sore or lesion in the mouth that doesn’t go away or heal on its own. A cluster of abnormal cells that damage tissue, oral cancer can be life-threatening and is very serious. Early detection is key to a positive prognosis, so getting regular screenings at your dentist is important. At Freyer Dental, we perform oral cancer screenings as part of our comprehensive exams. We use visual and manual screening methods to assess the soft tissue of your mouth, including your cheeks, tongue and the roof of your mouth, looking for any abnormal growths. Your risk is higher if you use tobacco, drink alcohol regularly, or are over the age of 40, however, anyone can develop the disease. Don’t wait to get screened, as it can save your life.


Diagnosing dental issues comes with years of experience and skill. We use x-rays to assist in identifying areas of concern. Our x-rays are a great diagnostic tool, as we’re able to see what’s happening below the surface of your smile. Our digital imaging delivers high-resolution pictures, which we can share and manipulate easily. With digital x-rays, we can zoom, brighten, and enhance specific areas of the image to show you exactly what we see. We also use panoramic x-rays, which provide a wide view of your entire mouth. This type of imaging lets us check your bite and evaluate how your jaw functions. The earlier we identify potential problems in your oral health, the easier it will be to treat them. Digital x-rays are more convenient than traditional film photography and reduce radiation exposure for our patients.


Great oral health starts with a strict hygiene routine, which includes regular professional cleanings at our dental office. A hygiene appointment at Freyer Dental leaves your smile looking radiant and feeling fantastic. When combined with your at-home habits, our professional cleanings keep your smile healthy. We use a Piezo sonic scaler to remove debris and bacteria from hard to reach areas in your mouth, like between your teeth and way in the back. We’ll also discuss your current hygiene routine and suggest methods to help you get the best smile possible outside of our office. At Freyer Dental, you’ll get a brilliant, healthy smile that sparkles.

Periodontal Therapy

Bacteria is prevalent in your mouth, both good and bad. We strive to promote good bacteria while eliminating the ones that negatively affect your oral health. Plaque bacteria is a sticky, odorless film that forms on the surface of your teeth. If not removed, plaque can harden into tartar, which leads to gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Advanced periodontitis can lead to tooth loss, so taking care of your gums is just as important as your teeth. Dr. Freyer provides advanced periodontal therapy to his patients, ensuring your gums are as healthy as possible. If you’re suffering from red, swollen, bleeding, or receding gums, you may have gum disease. We’re here to help. We are able to use scaling and root planing which removes tartar from the gumline. Certain surgical procedures such as gum recontouring may also be necessary to control periodontitis. There’s a link between gum disease and other medical conditions, such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Get the care you need to keep both your mouth and your body healthy with periodontal therapy from Freyer Dental.

Fluoride Treatments

Decay can be extremely detrimental to your oral health, as it deteriorates your enamel and leaves your teeth susceptible to infection and disease. Typically, we think of fluoride as being essential for children. In addition to helping children’s teeth develop into strong adult smiles, fluoride has a variety of benefits for our adult patients as well. Fluoride creates a barrier against decay by restoring essential minerals to the enamel. Decay can be extremely detrimental to your oral health, as it deteriorates your enamel and leaves your teeth susceptible to infection and disease. In addition to warding off decay, fluoride can also help decrease sensitivity to temperature changes. If eating or drinking cold or hot foods leave you in pain, it could be due to small areas in your enamel where the dentin layer is exposed. The dentin layer contains all the nerve endings, hence the pain when stimulated. The barrier that fluoride creates can help eliminate painful sensitivity. We offer fluoride treatments to both children and adults at every visit.


A beautiful smile is worthy of protection. Freyer Dental offers customized mouthguards to keep your smile safe and protected. Nighttime grinding, known as bruxism, can cause excess wear on your enamel and damage your teeth. If you wake up with jaw or muscle pain, you may be unconsciously grinding your teeth during your sleep. Our nightguards protect your teeth while you sleep and are created just for you. They are comfortable to wear and allow you to get the sleep you deserve without destroying your teeth. We also offer sports mouthguards for children who are athletic, which helps protect their teeth during activity. Ask us about our individual options for nightguards and mouthguards which keep your smile healthy and safe.


Your comfort is our top priority. We have different options for anesthesia, which help make your visit to the dentist a little bit easier. Dr. Freyer can prescribe oral sedation, which is a medication taken prior to your appointment. Oral sedation allows you to be awake and able to respond to questions but provides mild sedation, so you feel calm and relaxed. We also offer nitrous oxide, which is an inhaled gas that is an alternative sedation option for patients who may not be able to swallow pills. Nitrous oxide is provided at the time of treatment and is easily controlled. The effects of sedation wear off quickly once the gas is turned off. Like oral sedation, nitrous oxide allows you to be fully responsive during the procedure but provides a general feeling of calmness and comfort. We want your visit to the dentist to be the best it can be, so never hesitate to ask us how we can help you if you’re nervous or worried about a specific treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the most common causes of nighttime snoring. It occurs when the muscles relax during sleep, closing the airway in your throat. If you’ve been diagnosed by a physician and you cannot tolerate traditional C-PAP therapy, we may be able to help. We offer custom-fit oral appliances, which you wear while you sleep. These appliances ensure your airway stays clear by adjusting the position of your jaw. They are easy and comfortable to wear and will help you get the sleep you deserve.

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies are never fun. They happen when you least expect them, they’re likely painful, and they can halt your entire day. We know no one plans to have a dental emergency, but at Freyer Dental, we’re committed to making dental emergencies feel like less of an emergency. If you experience a dental emergency during our typical office hours, we’ll do everything we can to see you that same day – whether you’re a regular patient or not. Even if you’ve never been to our office before, we’ll get you into our office and help alleviate the pain and treat your dental emergency as soon as possible. Our established patients can even reach the doctor after hours for assistance with a dental emergency. We’ll work quickly and effectively to get you smiling confidently and back to your regular routine.

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